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Ozzio is one of the partner of SOLAR DECATHLON EUROPE 2014 (26th June/13th July) and takes part to the project supporting Team Rooftop from Berlin, Germany.
What Solar Decathlon stands for? The Solar Decathlon is a worldwide architecture- and engineering competition for institutions of higher education, aiming to communicate progress in the field of sustainable building technologies and renewable energies.
Each team among 20 participants has to design and build the house they propose, then they will be assembled in a Solar Village in Versailles (France), they will be monitored, evaluated and then in the end there will be a winner team! The 20 houses will compete against one in another in the 10 disciplines of the Solar Decathlon, such as: architecture, engineering and construction, solar installations, comfort, innovation, sustainability, etc...
Ozzio supports the project presenting its extendable Golia console and its foding Nobys chairs. Awaiting to see how the house will be, we invite you to visit to find out progresses.